This blatant copy of God of War is available on Xbox and deserves the most shabby prize of the year

The copies in video games is something as old as the sector itself. Surely many of you remember the Polystation that you could get at the fair, in positions like JUGOLANDIA or the Tombola Antojitos . Chinese versions of the consoles that have also been extrapolated to video games, especially since the titles for mobile phones have proliferated, where we most used to see these paste versions.

But there are more and more people who throw a nose and start developing games that are not inspired, is that all the elements are plagiarized and any type of copyright is passed through the triumph. This is the case of War Gods Zeus of Child , a shameless and low budget of God of War that, paradoxically, you can buy at the Xbox Store .

¿The God of War of Xbox? No Please

As we have seen our EuroGamer teammates, this game is basically a bright and cheap copy of the adventures of Kratos . As you can see, they trace the design that the character has since the restart of the saga in 2018. Practically, it looks like a skin. The game, yes, costs less than 4 euros. And it seems a lot.


What is it about? Do not expect the eighth wonder with the pint that has us. Basically, it is an experience of minutes in which we have to end incessant waves of enemies inside a sand. A kind of survival mode that ends when our character dressed in the Kratos Skin is killed...or we die of boredom *.

As you can see in the video we leave you up, the video is an absolute fudge. It is full of bugs and does not even have music or sound effects . For not having, the landowed kratos we control cannot even perform an animation to walk back, so he slides doing a kind of Moonwalker.


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